Product Loves #2

Sorry it has been a while since I was able to write! The moving craziness is finally subsided. I will post all about the move and how we have done in Kentucky so far soon. I want to try and finish up somethings in the house first. But I do want to tell you guys all about another product that I love.

Just in time for summer I want to share with you guys my favorite Sun Glasses. They are from a company called Quay Australia. My bestie Sara told me about their company and I am in love! It was hard to pick a pair that stood out among the rest. I have been on a blue kick so I choose some blue lenses!

I LOVE these shades, there are so many different types to choose from! I love wearing them everywhere! I recently went to Malibu Farms, which was amazing, it was a beautiful day but the sun was right in my face as I ate my breakfast. So these babies came in handy!

If you are looking for the perfect shades for the Summer these are them! Go and check out their page—–>Quay Australia They also have some Men’s shades!

More to come soon–

Xoxo- Hillary

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