Product LOVES! #1

Okay guys, I am a huge fan of a paci, I love how it can soothe Ryker so easily and how it keeps him calm in certain situations. The paci that I have fallen in love with is the PatPat. The company it comes from is Ryan and Rose. Ryker has been a baby that took a pacifier on day one, but there are so many babies that don’t. Well the Pat Pat has had so much success! If you little one isn’t taking a paci and you want them to, check this out!

The second reason these Pat Pats are the best would be how cute they are! I was getting so tired of the big green thing in Ryker’s mouth.. These pacifiers come in so many color options, not to mention the cute clips that can be ordered with them! The founder, Lindsey, I follow her on Insta, and her life is so down to earth. We do not share the same faith but her love in God and Jesus is so inspiring to me in my own faith! If you ever need some uplifting go follow her! Her Insta is ryanandrose.

If you are second guessing giving your child a paci, it is completely your choice. For us it was about being able to soothe Ryker in the hospital when he was struggling to eat. Then it continued to soothe him up to now. We have discussed when to take it away and I am so uncertain about when to do that.. I will let you guys know how weaning him goes once that process starts! If you decide that a paci is not the way you want to go with your little ones, the cutie clips that Ryan and Rose sells are AMAZING! I just ordered one and I will post a picture on Insta when it arrives! Much cuter than any other ones I have seen!

Ryan and Rose is the cutest company for any new mom or veteran mom! These would also be great gifts or ways to announce your pregnancy! Go check them out!

I chose the clear Pat Pat to match everything, you definitely need a clip or something to hold it on because if it falls it is hard to see lol I love all the colors though! If Ryker was younger when I found these pacifiers I would have more! It is also a tether! You can push the nipple in to make it a tether only! It’s amazing! I can’t wait for the clip to arrive!

Stay tuned the next couple of weeks for a few more of my favorite products!

Xoxo, Hillary

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