Mexico Crusin’

Well it has been a while since I have posted! I stay really up to date on my Instagram if anyone wants to see the daily happenings. We just got home from a Carnival Cruise to Ensenada, Mexico. It was a vacation we planned before Bobby starts school again.. I plan to never really see him once he starts. We left Ryker at home (which was really difficult for me..) but had a TON of fun!


First things first, the packing. Bobby and I share one suit case, but I wish I used a carry on plus a large case this time. The first thing I do to start packing is check the weather. This trip said it wouldn’t get hotter than 70 degrees, which is pretty cold for Mexico. So I started packing with some bathing suits and coverups that I really wanted to try and wear. Even though I knew it would be on the cooler side, the cruise has 4 jacuzzis so I figured I may still need them. I also really want to get rid of my farmers tan lines, if you know what I mean.. After that I focus on what to wear for the weather, so I grabbed some long sleeve shirts, leggings, and jeans. Then I pack a couple of tank tops incase it is warmer inside of the ship. Shoes is the hard part! I always want to bring WAY too many! I decided on 2 pairs of sandals and 2 heel type shoes. The heels are for dinners and formal night, I prefer to wear sandals and not socks, so I didn’t pack any tennis shoes or boots. (Although I was regretting not having some boots because it was pretty chilly) When I pack Bobby it is way easier, just grab one sweater and some t-shirts, a button up or two, his suit (for formal night), shorts, and pants. Men are pretty basic and don’t need a ton.


IMG-6284 Ensenada, Mexico

Arrival to the ship: We park our car at the port, it is really pricey so if you have someone willing to drop you off and pick you up it may be a better option. We have one of the porters check our bag so we do not have to take it onto the ship ourselves. It is free to do so and they take it straight to our room, we usually tip them a couple of dollars. Make sure to have your passport or birth certificate ready, you cannot get on the ship without it.If you are using a birth certificate then you need a picture ID to go with it. We love to get onto the ship and go straight to the food. That is the best part, unlimited food! The rooms aren’t ready until 1:30 or so anyways. We boarded around 12:30pm so we ate and just hung out by the pool until our room was ready. On a cruise your room key is the most important thing to have with you at all times, it is how you get drinks and really do or buy anything on the ship. Once we got our keys we unpacked and relaxed, the whole point of this trip was to get lots of rest and relaxation. We always scan over the itinerary for the day which they always have for you at your room. We went to dinner and the marriage game show, which is our favorite!


Formal Night Ready!- I used a small long strapped purse the entire cruise, just big enough for my phone and a pack of gum! I also stowed some cash in there!


If you are a drinker or love soda like I do, then the unlimited soda or alcohol packages are for you. Soda and alcohol are not included in your cruise price, the soda package was 8 dollars a day and alcohol was 55 dollars a day. Totally worth it!! I do like to get the occasional blended drink, they are so good! Once all of this is settled have fun! Carnival now has an app that works while you are at sea and it tells you the weather, the itinerary, and any of the happenings on the cruise. What I LOVED about the app was that you can favorite certain events and the app would remind you when it was 15 minutes away. Super easy and fun to use. I have two things I love to do on cruises, first is trivia, even though I never win I have a great time! They had Harry Potter Trivia, TV theme song trivia, sports trivia, general trivia, and Friends trivia. We couldn’t make it to all of them but there are so many awesome options!


The second thing I love is Bingo! It seems silly but they vamp it up on a cruise ship! I have never won but I have a good time playing. I don’t every buy the dobber they sell to play, I just bring a pen.

My dream is to someday go on a Disney Cruise! But it is just too expensive for now.. Carnival is a great cruise line to use as a first time cruiser. Let me know if you have any questions! Also a shout out to Paula’s Travel who planned our whole cruise for free! Contact her at 805-583-8339 or visit her Facebook page for any travel needs!

Xoxo, Hillary


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