PA School or Bust!

Let me just start by saying that I am so extremely proud of my hubby for getting into Physician Assistant School the first round! It is really hard to get in the first time applying, so if you or your significant other hasn’t received an acceptance yet, don’t give up hope!


When we found out that he got accepted to school across the country I didn’t know how to feel.. I was so excited but at the same time scared. We were going to have to uproot our lives and leave our families to move! I didn’t even know where to start.. Of course the first thing on my mind was a place to live. This was so fun looking for a place to house us for the next two years! But then I hit a brick wall.. I have never been to Louisville, KY I didn’t know the good areas from the bad and I was lost. Bobby (my hubby) reached out to some of the people that were already in the program that he met during his interview and we were able to find the perfect fit for our family. If you are struggling to find a place to live in a foreign state try reaching out on Facebook or another social media site to get some help. We also loved using the Trulia App because they tell you the crime rates and good shopping areas! The one nice thing was the prices, everything we were looking at was a lot cheaper than California, but that is no shocker there! We found an amazing 2 bed 2 bath place that has a dog park for Meeko and a playground for Ryker, it also has a gym, pool, and tennis courts! (Not that I play tennis lol) Words cannot express how excited I am to actually see it in person! Since we have been married we have lived in a granny flat with no oven or dishwasher.. almost 4 whole years people.. and I have really grown to appreciate using them, so I am so excited to have it in my own kitchen! Also, we have a washer and dryer inside the apartment which may be even better!


The next step after finding an apartment was figuring out a job for me. I was thinking I would just continue to teach once I was there but something didn’t feel right about that.. So I started looking at ways I could stay at home with Ryker or bring him with me to work. It is not easy looking for a job when you don’t even live in the state yet.. I started with the idea of teaching online and having Ryker at home with me. It sounded amazing at first but then I realized if I was home alone and teaching and then Ryker started crying and needed me I wouldn’t be able to just up and leave the middle of teaching. So I started to doubt that option (especially since Ryker isn’t sleeping through the night yet). I then debated some type of online customer service where I did not have to talk on the phone, where it was all typed correspondence, but the hours are not by choice. There has to be some option out there for me… I even applied to a preschool, but then the pay wouldn’t be enough if we also had to pay a portion for Ryker to go. I am at a loss in this area but I will keep you guys posted once I make a decision. If anyone has any great ideas let me know!

One of the last things we did was sell the majority of our large furniture, we didn’t want to drive it all and pay thousands of dollars for a moving truck. So once we get to Kentucky we will buy everything. I am so excited for this because then I get to decorate a house for the first time! If anyone has any furniture recommendations let me know! It is so hard living out of boxes at the moment and we are counting down the days until we make the biggest change in our lives.. Stay tuned over the next few months for moving tips and how it goes traveling with a baby, or I guess toddler at that point, Ryker will be one!!

xoxo, Hillary

Moving Pic.jpg



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