Easter Basket Fun

So I have been going back and forth on what to do for Easter with Ryker because he is only 9 months old.. Do I go all out or do I take it easy because he wont remember anyways? Well I decided to go all out of course! It is so fun to play the Easter bunny and plan a basket! But what are good choices to put in a basket? And what kind of basket should I get? Well I had a couple of things that I needed in a basket.

1. I wanted Ryker’s name on it, I love when things are personalized, I think it gives it a special touch. 2. I wanted a sturdy basket that would last at least a couple of years- I even went back and forth between a traditional basket and a bucket but then there is a storage issue if it was too bulky of a basket.. 3. Size, I didn’t want it to be too small because as an almost toddler all the toys and fun stuff wouldn’t fit! 4. Last but not least, the price, I needed something affordable with nice quality. So I searched Amazon, Personalization Mall, and Walmart all with no luck.. Then I tried Etsy and wow the options were endless! I found this cute little shop called S Burke Design & Co. The owners name is Sam and she has the cutest stuff! From custom baby t-shirts to wedding items. I saw this amazing Easter basket that seemed like the perfect size and was blue and had a cute cotton tale and was only $15! It seemed like the perfect mix of what I was looking for. I got it today and I love it! I put some of his Easter goodies to just to show you how amazing it is. Side note, I still need to get a couple of things but I could not wait to show! Go and check her out! She even sent a hand written note with my purchase, so sweet! Sam Burke Design Co (See Below the Pics for some ideas of what to put inside a basket!)

So it took me a while to decide on what to put inside his basket… The first thing I knew he would love is his kibble or puffs- my sister-in-law (almost 😉 ) Sara, got us to call his puffs kibble haha. The rest I really got at Target- the best place to shop ever! I love the light up wands- when you smack it they glow, there were 4 colors in the dollar section- grab them while there hot! Then I saw a bath bomb and I thought that would be so fun for him to have at bath time. In the dollar spot they also had a glitter bouncy ball with a bunny inside- super cute! I think I will fill the blue eggs with some kibble and other yum yums. Then I threw in some new socks and a new snippy cup with no handles because his other cups with the handles do not fit in cup holders and that drives me crazy! The ones I love are the munchkin brand and they are spill proof- I got the 2 pack which was blue and green but I wanted to keep his basket blue.. my OCD side lol I will probably get a toy to add to the basket but I haven’t decided yet which one, if you have any suggestions let me know! I can’t wait for the Easter Bunny to make an appearance!

Xoxo, Hillary

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